Introducing MT Browser

Mar 26, 2024 14:34

MT Browser belongs to More Information Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on providing a stable, secure, and independent account operation environment for cross-border users with computer science technology and operational means as the core. It specializes in the secure operation of cross-border accounts, supporting over 100+ cross-border e-commerce platforms, payment platforms, independent sites, email platforms, etc., with all actions guided by user value, supporting partners in achieving efficient and secure operations to help various industries upgrade and develop.

Main Features of MT Browser

1、Multi-Account Secure Operation

Enjoy a dedicated fixed environment + fixed IP, isolating the local computer environment. This allows you to manage accounts securely under any computer and any network. Choose MT Browser for secure remote work.

2、Browser Protection

Different environments offer different fixed fingerprints, with cookie encryption protection.

3、Risk Control System

Real-time environment detection, high-risk operation verification, log recording, and traceable problems.

4、Support for More IP Configuration

MT Browser, aimed at the cross-border e-commerce sector, builds high-quality global nodes and continuously optimizes the network. It has covered more than 20 countries and regions including the US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Australia, UAE, and over ten operators like Telecom, Unicom, Mobile, Great Wall, etc., fully supporting overseas acceleration and advancing the global layout of China's cross-border e-commerce.

5、Team Collaboration

MT Browser allows the creation of multiple sub-accounts, with the freedom to allocate permissions, enabling multiple people to manage one shop, multiple shops, and operate shops from multiple locations simultaneously, improving work efficiency.

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