Multiple account security management

  • Provide a unique and secure login environment for each account

  • Essential operating tools for multi-store management and matrix accounts


Unable to open account while traveling away from home

There is a risk of account being blocked if you change computers to log in.

Access to overseas platforms often freezes

The login environment is not pure

Employees maliciously tamper with passwords

One computer cannot safely log in to multiple stores or accounts


Store/Account Security Check

Provide real-time environment security detection when logging in, efficiently speeding up access to cross-border accounts

Multiple data encryption

When accessing each platform via MTlogin's proprietary line, data is encrypted in real time and privacy is not leaked.

Dedicated line acceleration and access

Multi-node acceleration, dedicated line access, faster and more stable, ensuring smooth operation of multiple accounts

Support remote office

One device can easily solve the problem of anti-correlation operation of multiple accounts, and safely log in to accounts anytime and anywhere.

Support multi-platform management