Refund Policy

Update date: February 5th, 2024

This Refund Agreement is a valid contract between MTlogin (including and not limited to the MTlogin Client) and you in relation to refunds for purchases of MTlogin software and services. By stamping, clicking on the web page to confirm or choosing to accept this Refund Agreement in an alternative way, including but not limited to not clicking to confirm this Refund Agreement but actually purchasing and using the MTlogin Services, you have reached an agreement with MTlogin and agreed to accept the entire agreed content of this Refund Agreement.

You are hereby reminded of the following terms and conditions:

1. In accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, Interim Measures for Seven-day Unconditional Return of Online Purchased Goods and other relevant laws and regulations, you acknowledge and accept that the goods provided by MTlogin are computer software-based services, and that no refunds can be made once you have confirmed the purchase of paid packages or customized services.

2. You should fully understand the functions and application scenarios of MTlogin before you purchase and pay for the services. For this reason, a free version is available on the MTlogin website for you to try out.

3. After the trial, you are entitled to choose the services and packages related to MTlogin software according to your own demands, and you can also choose customized services. After you purchase and pay for MTlogin software and services offline or online or in other ways confirmed by both parties, you will have the corresponding authorities to enjoy MTlogin software services, and MTlogin will provide the corresponding authorities on account access, configure the environment, set the number of users and provide other services for you according to your demands.

4. You have a duty of reasonable review and care, and can choose the MTlogin software services and packages etc. that suit your demands. The services provided by MTlogin include free of charge (free forever), monthly or annual charge, charge according to customized needs and etc. where the specific services and charging methods are subject to the information released officially by MTlogin. MTlogin may modify and change the rates of charge and methods of charging services according to actual needs.

5. You acknowledge and agree that you shall explicitly notify MTlogin of non-renewal with 2 working days prior to the expiry of the package service you have purchased. Otherwise, in order not to affect your normal use of MTlogin software services, MTlogin is entitled to deduct the subscription fees for the next billing cycle from your own account balance without verifying your account password, payment password, SMS verification code and other information.

6. If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with any order, please contact online customer service first or send an email to